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Hello everyone!  my name is Tephani McCleave. I’m excited to reintroduce myself as  United States of America’s Mrs. California. I will be representing the golden state at our national pageant in San Antonio, completing my reign in November as the state title holder. 


 A little about me… I was born and raised in San Angelo, Texas later relocating to sunny Southern California in late 1996, meeting my husband at the time. Together as a team securing his career within the LA County fire department. Paving the way for us to become the proud parents of 5 rambunctious boys ages 14-5.  Our youngest son, diagnosed with incurable brain cancer at just 2 months old. 


I’m honored to step up as first runner up, fulfilling my responsibilities, while maintaining the vision of United States of America Pageants. I plan to continue to EMPOWER women at national level. My goal is to INSPIRE women like myself, in the midst of medical trauma to continue to find the silver lining, disallowing insurance companies ability to bankrupt families. I hope to uplift more women like myself in the midst of adversity to overcome through education and resources like our necessity care kits, while working in collaboration with other charities to offset burdensome medical expenses.  


Professionally, I am a proud board member of the Bradley Rofer Foundation, founder and president of the BAM McWarrior Project, and the chief executive officer and financial advisor of the McCleave Clan.  


Service and philanthropy have been at the forefront of my life since adolescence. Mimicking my Grammy Martha, in her desires to serve not only God, but her community.  Today, I continue my mission to serve my  community as an advocate for equality, health, cancer prevention, and fair and accessible treatment through my platform @bammcwarriorproject, and my partnership with @bradleysbeautifulboquets. 


If you would like to follow my journey to nationals, please follow me here at @usoamrscalifornia, as I take over for the amazing Katie Himes Keely.  Mahalo for your support!  @unitedstatesofamericapageants @unitedstatesofamericasmrs #usoa #usoamrs #usoamrscalifornia

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