Christiana Monarez

Christiana Monarez is a San Diego, California native, who loves the California lifestyle. She is passionate about health and fitness and loves spending time at the beach. She comes from a Navy family and has a strong love for the woman and men who serve in our armed forces. Christiana is a fun loving and witty individual, who was selected by her fellow pageant sisters as Miss Congeniality at both the United States of America’s Ms. California pageant, and the United States of America’s Ms. National Pageant.


Christiana is an advocate for Health care and is passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare resources, especially when they need them the most.  Her passion for helping other first started when she became a social worker for individuals with disabilities and was strengthened when she became a social worker for medically fragile individuals. Through her work she has been able to see the great need for access to healthcare services, and has made it her mission to ensure that this need is fulfilled.  She developed the program HELPCare to allow for ease in identifying healthcare resources around the United States and encourages the sharing of resources by others, when they are found. If you find a Healthcare related resource that may help your fellow community member please find HELPCare on Facebook and share today! Together we can make a difference!!!




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